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14% of all crime in New York City is tied to iPhones

  • April 13, 2014

The iPhone has been around for many years, one would think that most people have simply “had their fill,” of it. But this is not so, it appears that demand for this smartphone is only increasing. Recent statistics, suggest that 14% of all crime in New York City, is tied to iPhone theft.

It’s scary, when you think about it, that 14% of all crimes, would drop, if iPhones no longer existed!

iPhones are so popular, that organized criminal gangs go out of their way in order to steal them, and resell them. It appears that even the NYPD has taken notice: it has recently started partnering up with pawn shops to track each iPhone they buy.

The NYPD announced that there were 16,000 Apple-products-related thefts, in 2012. 45 percent of all 2013 robberies in NYC involved cell phones. More than half involved iPhones. Depending on whether or not the victim decides to fight back, the theft, can escalate to more harsh crimes, such as assault, or even murder.

If you’d like to read more about this, feel free to visit an article posted on Huffington Post: