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Criminal Backgrounds Can Keep You Unemployed

Most recently,, unveiled an article, titled, “Is a Criminal Background Keeping You Unemployed,” which we felt was important, and highlighted reasons why a criminal lawyer is important. Needless to say, having a felony, or even misdemeanor, conviction, can be harmful. By not hiring a professional, criminal lawyer, you’re increasing…

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Tax Evasion

White collar crimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated as the world becomes ever increasingly flat. Creating an off shore company, used to be done exclusively by high net-worth individuals in order to avoid taxes. Nowadays, with companies sprouting up left and right, like, more and more business owners are creating…

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Thomas Kenniff Discusses Train Derailment Tragedy

 The recent train derailment, in New York Metro North, left behind a wave of chaos and injuries. The  tragedy is undeniable, and now as we dig deeper, it might be possible the train’s operator could be  facing a crisis of his own. The question in front of those analyzing this…

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What You Need To know About Felonies

A felony charge is actually an accusation levied against an individual who has purportedly committed a serious crime. Crimes or illegal acts can be subdivided into three groups, misdemeanors, felonies and petty offenses. When one is charged with a felony, it implies that he is indicted of having committed certain…

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Demystifying Felony and Repeat DWI

Traffic violations – including driving while intoxicated (DWI) – are usually classified as misdemeanors. In some instances, however, repeat DWI can be enhanced to a felony. Understanding felony and repeat DWI In most states, felony DWI is the most serious impaired driving charge. Usually, the charge starts off with an…

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