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Court Weighs Severity of Impersonation On The Internet

On Tuesday, the state Court of Appeals listened to a case that will likely create waves, and set a precedent, regarding the anonymous nature of posts made on the internet. Raphael Golb, son of a Dead Sea Scroll Scholar, assumed a false identity online, in order to discredit scholars who…

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5 Things to Do If You Are Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

There’s few things in the world worse than being accused of a crime. Unfortunately, it happens far too often. Even in our technologically advanced world, people are still wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they did not come. If you find yourself in such a situation, here’s a list of things you…

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Law Offices of Raiser & Kenniff, PC, Respond To Allegations By Nassau County District Attorney Regarding Client Susan Odery

The law offices of Raiser & Kenniff, PC, have released a statement in response to allegations by Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, regarding client Susan Odery.(link) On 3/19/2014, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced the arrest of Lido Beach attorney, with allegations of stealing more than $16,000. “Due…

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Personal Crimes Vs Property Crimes

Types of crimes come in two categories, personal crimes and property crimes. Although there are just two major categories, different states may have laws that deal with variations of the offenses that fall under the two types of crimes. In addition to this, some crimes may fall into both categories….

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White Collar Implications Of Encryption Softwares

Say you’re arrested for crimes you committed, and the police is trying to access your computer in order to find incriminating evidence. There are a number of encryption softwares out there, including DataProtecto, TrueCrypt, and Cypherix, which can encrypt your computer, but can the police force you to decrypt it, so they can…

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