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NYC Securities Lawyers

For more than three decades, the federal government has aggressively prosecuted individuals for a wide range of security fraud charges. Following the economic downturn of 2008, both federal and New York State prosecutors working alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the SEC have aggressively reviewed allegations of illegal securities…

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NYC Wire Fraud Lawyers

Wire fraud is a serious federal criminal charge. If you’re being investigated for wire fraud, you’ll be looked at for using an interstate wire transfer. This includes telephone calls, emails, or money wire transfers. This investigation will take place to further some criminal scheme. Wire frauds normally involve a federal…

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NYC Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Insurance fraud is more common than most people realize. There are individuals who do things for the sole purpose of fraudulently getting an insurance payout. Insurance companies have refused to pay claims to people who legitimately are entitled to compensation. Every year false insurance claims cost the insurance industry hundreds…

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Facing a criminal charge for extortion, or being accused of being in violation of the Hobbes Act, are very serious charges. Each of these charges can carry severe penalties, including a prison sentence. Violations of the Hobbes Act can mean serving time in a federal penitentiary. In some cases, a…

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New York is a major port of call for businesses around the world. Customs agents who work in New York work diligently uphold the customs laws and regulations of the United States government. This is true for those who work at airports, ports, and at land border crossings. Customs fraud…

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