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A Review of Internet Crimes

  • December 4, 2013

An internet crime is also referred to as a cybercrime. It is any illegal activity which involves the usage of a computer or network. According to investigations conducted by the federal bureau of investigations Internet crimes ranges from, computer intrusion, piracy as well as fraud. Computer intrusion has been pointed out as one of the crimes that is costing companies and individual billions of dollars annually. Hackers can break into computers, using their knowledge in computer they can disrupt the functions of these computers or even cause permanent damage to the whole system or network.
Child pornography is another major concern. It is an internet crime which involves the distribution of pornographic images and videos containing minors. Being among the fastest growing crimes in the internet, criminals use it to encourage child prostitutions. These videos are also traded for money to Pedophiles who like watching them based on their own selfish needs.
Piracy is another internet crime which has gained international concerns. Piracy involves stealing of other peoples work or products, this products include movies and music which are protected under copyright and trademark, and it is illegal to reproduce any product which is protected by copyright without a written permission from the owner.
Fraud, it is also widespread on the internet. Fraud involves any act of dishonesty. The most common form of fraud is the credit card fraud. Credit card fraud has deprived innocent people of their money. Fraudsters often lay traps to innocent internet users, where they lay false advertisement which is aimed in collecting credit card numbers from these users. This credit card number is afterward used to siphon money from accounts without the victims knowledge. Another type of fraud that is common on the internet is the identity theft fraud, where another person impersonate other people so that they can get money out of it.
It is important to note that Internet crimes have very high penalties if convicted.