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Our founding partners are both former new york prosecutors who understand how to handle a criminal case from every angle and therefore, they can provide you with the strongest defense.

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When the media needs professional and accurate legal insight on criminal cases in the national spotlight they turn to Raiser & Kenniff. Turn to a defense law firm with national recognition.

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Assault with a Firearm

When people who have used a firearm in the commission of an assault face criminal charges, the talents of a skilled and experienced criminal law attorney will be needed. Not only can the end result be time spent in prison, but it can also affect a person’s life in numerous ways long after the prison sentence is completed. However, even though it may seem as if all is lost, the good news is that the law firm of Raiser and Kenniff can use their knowledge and experience to ensure all of your rights are fully protected.

Defenses to Assault Charges
When an assault is alleged to have happened, the accused has numerous options to use as a defense for what happened. Here at Raiser and Kenniff, we have helped numerous people over the years defend themselves against these serious charges. Some of the best defenses against these charges include:
–Self defense
–Defense of property
–Professional Duty
Whether defending yourself against an unprovoked physical attack, defending your home or other property, or simply protecting yourself during the course of your professional duties, Raiser and Kenniff can work with you to find out exactly what happened and plan the best defense strategy for your case.

What if I’m Convicted?
While there are many factors at work when you are charged with assault using a firearm, that does not mean you will be automatically convicted. In fact, in many cases the opposite is true. By taking into account such factors as the seriousness that was done during the assault as well as the type of person who was assaulted, Raiser and Kenniff can find out the important details of the case and work to ensure a conviction does not happen. While penalties can range from as few as two years up to as many as seven years for a second-degree assault, that does not mean a conviction is impending. Therefore, it’s essential for our clients to work with us as much as possible in order to avoid a conviction that can change their lives forever.

An Aggressive Defense
If you stand accused of committing assault with a firearm, it’s a good bet the prosecuting attorney has already decided your guilt as well as the punishment you should receive. However, here at Raiser and Kenniff, we continue to believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Because of our never-ending belief in the constitutional rights of each and every one of our clients, we vow to fight hard to give our clients the best possible defense against these serious charges. With our extensive background working in numerous New York courts, we understand how judges and juries think when dealing with these cases. That’s why we believe an aggressive defense works best from the beginning, allowing us to make sure all witnesses are interviewed, evidence is examined, and all possible options discussed.

Time is of the Essence
Needless to say, if you are facing the possibility of a jail or prison sentence, time is of the essence when it comes to proving your innocence. That’s why when you contact us here at Raiser and Kenniff, we waste no time in finding out exactly what happened. With our no-charge consultation, we make it easy for you to sit down with us, take a deep breath, and explain your side of the story. If you or a loved one are facing these serious charges, contact us immediately. Call us at 212-274-0090 or fill out our online form at www.nyccriminallawyers.com, and we will do everything possible to put your mind at ease.

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