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are glass bongs illegal to carry with you? or can you get arrested

Drug paraphernalia laws are some of the more confusing restrictions in the country, and they have only gotten more difficult to understand with many states relaxing their marijuana laws. It’s natural to wonder if you can carry a glass bong around with you, or if you’re risking getting arrested for…

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NYC Securities Lawyers

For more than three decades, the federal government has aggressively prosecuted individuals for a wide range of security fraud charges. Following the economic downturn of 2008, both federal and New York State prosecutors working alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the SEC have aggressively reviewed allegations of illegal securities…

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NYC Wire Fraud Lawyers

Wire fraud is a serious federal criminal charge. If you’re being investigated for wire fraud, you’ll be looked at for using an interstate wire transfer. This includes telephone calls, emails, or money wire transfers. This investigation will take place to further some criminal scheme. Wire frauds normally involve a federal…

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