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Criminal Tax Fraud in the Fifth Degree: NY Tax Law 1802

New York’s voluminous tax code includes a number of different criminal provisions in addition to civil penalties that can be levied against those who refuse to comply. One of the most commonly charged crimes is criminal tax fraud in the fifth degree. Included in New York Tax Law section 1802,…

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Commodities Offenses

Commodities fraud is the illegal attempt to get money in connection to traded exchanges and the future delivery of assets. This type of offenses also includes traded assets, organized exchanges, and even foreign currencies. While anyone can commit commodities offenses, the people often investigated for these crimes include investment brokers,…

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Can The Court Date Be Postponed Until I Retain A Lawyer?

If you are charged with a crime, you are entitled to a court date to defend yourself against the charge. In the event that you could face jail time, you are entitled to defend yourself with the assistance of an attorney. The attorney may either be one that you hired…

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Brooklyn Oxycontin Possession Lawyers

Oxycontin is classified as a Schedule II drug, and Schedule II drugs are ones that generally require a valid prescription in order for you to legally be in possession of them. They have medical benefits, but they are also have a high likelihood for dependence in certain people, which is…

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Brooklyn Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Although marijuana is legal in many places throughout the United States, possession of marijuana is still a crime in New York that can result in penalties. The penalties that may be imposed depend on different factors. If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, then you should seek out…

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