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Brooklyn Mail Fraud Lawyer

Even with emails, the Internet, texting and devices to access this technology, the United States Mail and other mail delivery entities still play a role in commerce. Offers, applications, advertisements and contracts still reach the hands of mail delivery employees. So-called “snail mail” can serve as instruments of fraudulent behavior….

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Brooklyn LSD Possession Lawyers

In Brooklyn, New York, the state categorizes LSD as a controlled substance. This means possessing it and/or manufacturing or selling it is completely illegal. The degree of charge and the possible sentence placed on you will depend on how much LSD you possessed. If you want to defend yourself from these…

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Brooklyn Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Lawyers

When people are charged with driving under the influence, they pay little attention to the fact that there are major differences pertaining to whether the charge involves alcohol or drugs. However, depending on the scenario, the differences in these matters can mean the difference in having one’s charges reduced or…

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Brooklyn Cocaine Posession Lawyers

Cocaine possession is a serious offense in the state of New York that is punishable by both state and federal government officials. If you are currently facing charges of cocaine possession in Brooklyn, there are a number of defense options available to you. If you are not facing these charges…

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Brooklyn Assault Lawyers

In New York and most States, assault happens when an individual hits, kicks, slaps, pushes or verbally threatens another individual. The state of New York imposes harsh penalties to persons charged with assault. Each of these crimes carries a different form of punishment. Offenders stand to face a misdemeanor or a felony…

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