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When the media needs professional and accurate legal insight on criminal cases in the national spotlight they turn to Raiser & Kenniff. Turn to a defense law firm with national recognition.

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Child Abuse Lawyers

One of the worst kinds of abuse that you can see is child abuse. This is when a child is hit or neglected either by intent or unintentionally. When it comes to a child, there is usually some kind of intent involved. In most cases, the parent or guardian doesn’t know how to deal with raising a child and will lash out against that child in the way of hitting or keeping basic needs away.

Physical Abuse
This is the most common type of child abuse. It involves any kind of striking a child, such as punching, slapping, hitting or kicking. The crime is punished based on the severity of the harm that is done to the child. Unfortunately, there are times when physical abuse can result in the death of the child. This is often charged as a felony as there is likely some intent behind the death. Shaken Baby Syndrome is a common type of abuse that results in death. This is when someone shakes a baby so hard that it dislocates the brain from the skull or the spine. There are a few signs to look for if physical abuse is suspected. Bruises that can’t be explained are the most common as well as welts and burns.

When parents or guardians don’t give children the necessities that they need to live, such as food and water, then it’s considered neglect. The child could be left alone with not one to watch over them while the care giver or parent leaves the home. These are children who usually don’t see their parents on a regular basis, and they don’t have any adult contact during the day or the evening as no one is in the home to cook or provide a clean environment. They are usually children who end up caring for themselves and taking care of siblings. Some parents use drugs and don’t realize that the children are still at home. The parents might fall asleep from taking too many drugs instead of making sure the children are cared for in a proper manner. One of the signs to look for in this situation is malnourishment and the avoidance of adults by children.

Sometimes, parents and other adults will call children names and make them feel like they are unwanted. This is emotional and psychological abuse. It can be devastating as the child gets older and begins to think that everything that has been said is true. At times, the child might leave home or try to commit suicide.

There are people who are required to report any kind of suspected or known abuse to authorities. These people include doctors, nurses, school teachers and social service workers. If child abuse is suspected, the attorney can file the proper paperwork to have the child removed from the home and placed in a foster home until other arrangements can be made. The attorney can speak for the defendant in regards to whether the abuse was intentional or accidental, which could include working long hours and falling asleep when arriving home. The punishment for child abuse can include losing the rights over the child, fines or going to jail.

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