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Consequences of Commercial Driver DWI

  • December 4, 2013

There are generally negligible variations in the severe consequences imposed by various states against people found driving while under intoxication. Intoxication can mean influence of alcohol or any other drug that causes impairment to your ability to drive. Your blood-alcohol concentration level should always be below 0.08 percent in order to be on the safe side of the law.

Commercial driver DWI penalties include fines as high as USD 1000 or above in some states, jail terms of several months to many years if it is a repeat offense, sentencing to community service, or being put under probation. Whether the judge convicts you or not, the state can suspend your license for one or more years. That means losing your employment and main source of income as well.

In addition, a criminal record file is opened for DWI convicts and it might be hard for you to find employment elsewhere as well as securing a house. Your insurance provider can also cancel your policy without any settlements. The worst scenario is when you cause an accident due to driving under influence; you can either cause death, be sued for personal injury, or damage to property.

While people drive while intoxicated for various reasons, it is prudent for you to contact an attorney immediately on being arrested. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test can also land you in trouble with the law. A lawyer can help to argue out your case and reduce the consequences associated with it. Sometimes, you can have a temporary license in the course of the hearings if the attorney can convince the judge that your CDL is your bread winner.

A commercial driver DWI repeat offense can even be trickier and your license could be revoked permanently. It needs a smart lawyer for you to exploit certain privileges such as being allowed to drive in a nonprofessional capacity.