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Disputes Solved Through Commercial Litigation

  • December 4, 2013

Commercial litigation is part of the business law, which
deals with different business disputes. The disputes can be between, among
businesses, or between a business and a person. The following are some of the
disputes that call for commercial litigation:

Contract Disputes

These types of disputes arise when a party fails to comply
with the contract terms, which they signed with another party. The offended party
can use litigation to put into effect the contract terms signed. Contracts are
usually verbal or written. A written contract is better than a verbal contract has
it is associated with less disputes. It is important to note that contract
disputes can threaten the existence of your business and there is a need to
avoid them.

Partnership Disputes

It is possible for business partners to disagree over work,
profit sharing, or business decisions among them. When there is a well-documented
partnership contract, it becomes easy to resolve any of these disputes
amicably. Therefore, commercial litigation helps partners run their business successfully
without destroying it.

Shareholder Disputes

There is a possibility of disputes arising between the
minority and majority shareholders of any given company. This may be because of
differences of opinions. Usually, majority shareholders may try to prevent
minority shareholders from taking part in business decisions. In addition,
majority shareholders may be using company resources for personal reasons. Minority
shareholders may use commercial litigation to solve such disputes and abuse of

Employee Disputes

There are a times when employees feel that they are being
treated or/and exploited by a company. These may involve factors such as compensation,
recognition for the work done, promotions, discrimination based on race,
disability, gender, and sexual harassment. It is also possible for the employer
to have disputes with employees. These may involve theft of company properties
or ideas, and violation of their contracts.

No matter, the kind of dispute affecting a business, commercial
litigation can be used to resolve them. This will ensure there is minimal damage
to your company, business and its reputation.