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Employment laws – to keep employees protected

  • December 4, 2013

Employment laws have been created to protect employees from any kind of mistreatment by employers, and are an important part of any country’s efforts to keeps its citizens protected. Most countries have their own specific laws for protecting workers, but generally, employment laws covers concerns like, employees placed in dangerous or unhealthy environment, being overworked, or left in such a way that they cannot work and that too without providing appropriate compensation. The employment laws of certain countries does not allow the employees to unfairly discriminate against workers, and even foreigners are allowed a certain period of time for which they can work legally in the country.

Most employees, depending on the country they reside in, are usually protected under some kind of employment law. In most countries such laws have been created that employers need to follow while providing benefits, like health insurance to employees, this can include additional coverage for health concerns that result due to the workplace conditions. As per employment laws of certain countries, employees cannot discriminate amongst workers on grounds of gender, race, disability, religion or veteran status.

Each country in Europe creates its own system to protect employees, and each country has its own unique laws. France, for instance, has its written Labor Code and various enforceable rights which keep the employees protected from harmful situations. On the other hand United Kingdom lacks any written labor law, but their court system includes specialist employment tribunals that solve concerns of any employee.

In China, most workplaces follow a rule according to which the employees need to be in contract with employers, and this does not leave any scope for the employers to fire the employees without reason. According to such employment law, unless an employee breaks any rules or regulations, the contract stays stated. Though different countries may have different employment laws, the basic idea is the same, to keep each employee protected, and to safeguard their rights as workers.