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With 100 years of combined experience, Raiser & Kenniff, is the place to turn when you or a loved one are accused of a crime. When the media needs professional and accurate legal insight on criminal cases in the national spotlight they turn to Raiser & Kenniff.


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Our founding partners are both former new york prosecutors who understand how to handle a criminal case from every angle and therefore, they can provide you with the strongest defense.

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When the media needs professional and accurate legal insight on criminal cases in the national spotlight they turn to Raiser & Kenniff. Turn to a defense law firm with national recognition.

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NYC Federal Criminal Lawyers

Facing Federal Charges

A federal criminal charge can have a permanent, and extremely harmful, impact on your life. Future employment opportunities, ability to apply for student and home loans, and access to particular services can be severely compromised in the aftermath of a federal criminal charge. Yet, having a highly seasoned NYC federal criminal lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and fight for your best interest can be a game-changer. Our attorneys at Raiser & Kenniff, PC., bring decades of experience litigating difficult federal cases. We are highly seasoned in mediation, negotiation, and litigation, and  work tirelessly to bring the results possible for your case.

What Do Federal Crimes Include?
Federal crimes are crimes that are against the rules of the federal government and can result in severe sentences. Our NYC NYC Federal Criminal Attorneys have a large sum of experience handling such cases in New York City.

White collar crimes are offenses that have financial components and are prosecuted very harshly by the government. Among the offenses facing the most severe penalties are: bank fraud, bribery, counterfeiting, insider trading, and insurance fraud.

Offenses against children may result in some of the most severe sentences.

Online child pornography, child abduction, domestic and international kidnapping, and sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors are all federal offenses.

Internet crimes are increasingly acquiring greater prosecutorial scrutiny. Identity thefy, phishing scams, credit card fraud, child pornography, and other fradulent practices are federal offenses.

Drug trafficking charges vary based on the type of substance trafficked and the quantity of the substance. Transporting drugs from state to state is a federal crime and can lead up to decades in prison, depending on the substance and whether this is a first offense. If additional parties were harmed during the crime, this can add severity to the charges. If drugs were sold to minors or in the vicinity of an area where minors congregate, this presents an additional factor in the case.

Our NYC Federal Criminal attorneys at Raiser & Kenniff, PC, will aggressively investigate your case and advocate for your interests. If you are facing charges of fraud, drug trafficking, identity theft, or other grave offenses, securing an attorney at Raiser & Kenniff, PC., will be the first step in mounting an effective defense.

A federal criminal charge is one of the most serious charges you can face and has grave implications for your life, work, and family. Obtaining the best legal representation for your case is imperative to protect your future and the future of your loved ones. Our attorneys bring a breadth of knowledge of a wide range of offenses and are among the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in New York City. If you are facing charges for crimes against children, drug trafficking, internet-related crimes, or fraud, please contact us today by phone at 212-274-0090, or through our website for a free, thorough, confidential 30-minute consultation with our NYC Federal Criminal Lawyers.

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