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Garden City Criminal Defense Lawyers


Getting convicted of a crime can affect your entire life. Even one conviction for any crime will end up on your permanent record for anyone to see. It can affect your job prospects, relationships and can cause future troubles with the law. That is why the lawyers at Raiser and Kenniff, PC, are the ones to contact if you ever find yourself being charged with a crime.

With over thirty years of combined legal experience, the former assistant district attorneys at Raiser and Kenniff, PC, are extremely knowledgeable in every angle of the legal system to help defend your rights under the United States Constitution. By acquiring their services, you are ensuring that you will get reliable, reputable, knowledgeable and professional legal guidance and defense at affordable prices.

With Raiser and Kenniff, PC, you also don’t have to worry if your case is too large or too small for them to handle. They have decades of experience handling everything from misdemeanors such as traffic violations, petty theft, public intoxication and minor assault to more serious felony charges such as homicide, drug possession or trafficking, grand theft, severe assault and drunk driving.

No matter how minor or severe the charge is, you can be assured that your case will be handled in a professional manner with as much commitment as they put into any other case. They will work to ensure that they provide you with the strongest defense possible for your case, and they will do everything possible to ensure that your side of the story is heard and defended.

Raiser and Kenniff, PC, caters to the people of Garden City with locations in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City. If you are in any of these locations and have recently been charged with a crime, contact Raiser and Kenniff, PC, today. They can provide you with your best chance of proving your innocence in a court of law.


Why Our Law Firm?

ADAlogoWork With Former Assistant District Attorneys – Our founding partners are both former prosecutors, we know how to defend you and build the strongest defense possible. Work with lawyers who have over 30 years of combined experience, working both sides of criminal cases.

foxlogoOur Lawyers Make Regular Appearances On National Media Outlets Providing Legal Analysis – When the media needs  professional, and accurate, legal insight, on criminal cases in the national spotlight, Steve Raiser and Thomas Kenniff,  our founding partners, are who they call. Pick lawyers with national recognition.

riskfreebutton Risk Free Consultation – Regardless of whether you’re in New York City, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, we offer a risk free consultation. No strings attached. Speak to one of our lawyers and see what are your options before committing to anything. [hr] practice-areas-raiser