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How to Avoid Sexual Assault

  • December 4, 2013

Sexual assault is not something that happens occasionally, but the sad reality is that in the U.S. a woman is sexually assaulted every three minutes. Notably, almost 50% of these assaults are not reported, which is a huge number of girls and women who have their lives negatively affected by the trauma.

What is Sexual Assault?

This is an involuntary sexual act where one is threatened, forced or coerced to engage in sexual intercourse or any form of sexual touching against their will. This is inclusive of rape, groping, child sexual abuse, forced kissing or torture in a sexual manner. From a legal perspective, sexual assault is indeed a statutory offense in different jurisdictions such as America, England, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Each jurisdictions describe sexual assault differently.

Even if, sexual assault happens to a specific individual, it can be considered as being a public health problem mainly because it has an effect on several other spheres of people’s life. Notably, over 20% of clinical depression today has got its roots on sexual abuse. Many of the women enrolled on substance abuse treatment facilities have got a history of sexual abuse as well as eating disorders.

In the interest of preventing sexual abuse, communities should do much more to empower, support and educate the most vulnerable since it is a problem that affects the individuals, families and the community at large. So, how do you deal with sexual abuse in case you fall victim?

The best approach is to hire the services of an attorney who has plenty of experience in sexual abuse cases. This legal expert will listen to all the facts of your case and put up a strong case for you before the court. So, do not shy away after going through sexual abuse, but rather report the offense to the police and seek the requisite legal help. That way, you can get justice.

Sexual assault is about control, power, feelings of inadequacy and anger on the offenders part. Usually, the offenders act out on such thought patterns consequently putting other innocent people at risk. Victims of sexual abuse should not blame themselves since this could hinder any chances they have of recovering. Otherwise, sexual abuse is a criminal act that is punishable by law under the criminal justice system.