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Law Defining Sex

  • December 4, 2013

Sex crimes are some forms of sexual behaviors done by human, which are crimes. A person who commits a sex crime is called sex offender. Sex crimes can be the violation of taboos like sodomy, incest, exhibitionism or indecent exposure. However, different cultures vary, what may be a sex crime in one culture may be allowed in another culture. Cultures also differ in the extent in which sex crimes should be punished.


Different offences can be classified as sex crimes but they mostly involve coerced or illegal sexual behavior against another person. States have different laws prohibiting sex crimes such as sexual assault, prostitution, indecent exposure, solicitation and rape with each state having its own statute limitation that allow any victim of sex crime to freely file a lawsuit against the unproven offender.

Regardless of severity, a person convicted with sex crimes is referred to as a sex offender by the state and their names are included in the state sex offender registries. Some common sex crimes include:



It involve any crime of rape. The main two categories are statutory rape and date rape. Statutory rape states that people who are considered by the state to be below age cannot consent to having sex. Even, if it is willingly or where the offender had no idea that the victim was under age.


Indecent exposure

It states that it is illegal for any person to expose or show their genitals in the public.


Sexual assault

Sexual assault describes general crimes related to unwanted sexual touching of kids.



Though many states have legalized prostitution, it is still considered illegal in some states. It is the crime of offering or engaging in sexual acts to make money.



Solicitation is the act of illegal enticing a person to commit a sex crime such as prostitution or rape.