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Fight Drug Conspiracy Charges with a New York City Defense Lawyer

As a New York City resident, when it comes to charges against you for drug conspiracy, you need legal representation based on experience and knowledge. Our skilled team of defense lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff, PC understands this fact. We have what it takes to represent clients facing serious charges involving drugs. There are three main areas that may categorize you if arrested:

  • Drug conspiracy
  • Possession
  • Possession with the intent to sell

The quantity of drugs determines the charges, with drug conspiracy carrying the highest penalty. All categories are considered serious, and that is why experience and knowledge about drug charges are so important. We have an outstanding reputation for dealing with drug cases because of the numerous successful outcomes we’ve garnered for our clients. We handle all drug-related criminal charges. Leaving no stone unturned, we do everything within our power to preserve and protect your individual rights.


Why It Makes Sense to Hire A Defense Lawyer

Even if the quantity of drugs is not for sale, in the eyes of the law it does not matter. Therefore, the prosecution constructs drug conspiracy cases surrounding the possession of large amounts or if you are found with drug paraphernalia. Should this happen, you must realize that only with your consent to work with other conspirators will you be charged. A first degree drug conspiracy, based on New York Statute 105.17, happens for two main reasons: (1) when the conduct is intentional and it constitutes a Class A felony performance; (2) when an individual older than eighteen agrees with an individual under age sixteen to participate in or initiate the action.

An experienced drug defense attorney will inform you about what you need to know regarding the severity of drug-related crimes. Having worked as prosecutors before, we are knowledgeable about prosecution based on state and federal drug laws. The harsher penalties are incurred when a drug crime is at the federal level. This includes law enforcement arrests involving gun possession, if you are crossing state lines or if you are making sales.

Our job is to successfully overturn every argument of the prosecution’s presentation, based on your personal situation. Our criminal defense team is more than equipped to guide you through the process and free you of all pending charges.

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