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Federal Drug Crimes

Federal Drug Crime Attorneys can provide professional help to those who have been charged with a serious offense

When arrested for any type of serious federal drug offense, trust the professionals at Raiser & Kenniff, PC. Those who are convicted could end up spending a long time in prison, and once a lot of evidence has been gathered by some of the law enforcement agencies, it can seem impossible to deal with. Many feel that their case is beyond help, but our NYC firm can take on a case of any magnitude.

Steve Raiser and Thomas Kenniff, our founding partners, were both former assistant district attorneys, so they understand how the prosecution will present it’s case against you. They have come up with their own counter strategies and techniques to help our defendants win. Once charged with a federal drug crime, it is important to call on a professional lawyer to find out more important information.

There are several specific types of crimes that our lawyers specialize in

We can help with various types of federal drug crimes in NYC and Long Island. Even if you’re currently in jail, or are waiting for a sentence, we can help you. We can help with a variety of charges such as:

  • Possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them
  • Growing marijuana
  • Creating drugs such as methamphetamine
  • Moving large quantities of narcotics or marijuana

Those who do not contact a good federal attorney have very low odds of winning this federal case. If they are convicted, defendants will spend years in prison.

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