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Fraud Disputes

Defending Fraud Charges 

Fraud is one of many criminal offenses that are referred to as white collar crime. White collar crime is that which typically occurs in the corporate or business environment. The impact that these crimes may potentially have on investors, the general public, and the American workforce makes businesses the target of aggressive prosecution by the United States government. Businesses in New York City should consider Raiser & Kenniff, PC for these damaging accusations. Raiser & Kenniff, PC is a law firm composed of a team of skilled, intelligent, and experienced white collar crime attorneys who are experts in combating even the most complex criminal charges. If you have any reason to believe that you are under investigation for any kind of white collar crime, seek legal aid immediately as waiting will only hurt your case. Our firm can assist you with a host of criminal allegations including, but not limited to, bank fraud, computer fraud, securities fraud, credit card fraud, and mortgage fraud.
Bank fraud is any kind of behavior that seeks to defraud a bank of funds.

Computer fraud involves using a computer to commit identity fraud or any degree of fraud. These crimes are generally prosecuted on the federal level.

Securities fraud involves stockholder theft or deceiving investors into making decisions based on inaccurate information.

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of a credit card to purchase items of value.

Mortgage fraud occurs when one misrepresents information on a mortgage loan application. Given the recent mortgage crisis and economic state, this crime is becoming more common.

In any of these cases and many more, Raiser & Kenniff, PC will help defend your business and its reputation of these charges. While white collar crimes do not involve violence or physical harm to another, they are not victim-less crimes. Investors, the general public, and the businesses’ employees are often financially harmed in cases of white collar crime. For this reason, the government imposes strict penalties on white collar crime offenders. These strict penalties may include fees, fines, and lengthy prison time. However, Raiser & Kenniff, PC is here to help your business effectively combat these charges.