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State Panel Counters Strict Deportation Penalty

If you’ve been convicted of a crime in New York, and have a questionable immigration status, you may have questions such as:

  • If I have been convicted of a crime, what does that do to my deportation status?
  • How serious a crime does it have to be for deportation?
  • When will I be able to return to my family and my job?
  • What requirements must I meet to get a pardon?

We are the top New York immigration lawyers, and we can help you find the answers to these tough questions. Having a professional and experienced legal advocate on your side could make all the difference in your deportation case. If you don’t think you need legal representation, think again.

Deportation Laws are Tough

To file for a pardon, details of the conviction must be provided. In the State of New York, the laws allow for deportation for even minor incidents. A panel reviews pardon requests on a case-by-case basis and sends a recommendation to the governor if it merits consideration. For good representation, you must produce the date of conviction, what the nature of the offense was and what steps you have taken in rehabilitation. There is a possibility that the crime you committed has no bearing on your deportation status.

In addition, you may not have been aware of the deportation consequences of a conviction at the time you entered a guilty plea. If you were innocent but entered a guilty plea, did you know that you could be deported? These factors would ordinarily have no bearing on your deportation. You would get the cold shoulder, but if the governor’s panel looks, then these factors matter. The panel may take into consideration how minor the incident was, the circumstances of your guilty plea and the rehabilitation you have undergone. They also consider your value to the community.

Why You Can Win

We have the ability to assist you. Our firm has successfully represented clients petitioning for a pardon.

If you have been convicted of a crime regardless of the severity and have decided to seek a pardon, we can help present your case to the review panel. After being convicted of a crime, our legal team can help you with upcoming immigration proceedings like:

  • Applying for citizenship
  • Renewing your permanent resident status
  • Petitioning for a pardon

To ensure that the pardon petition has the best chance of success, we also require letters of reference form employers, family members, religious people, community members and anybody else who can attest to your good character. We want to be able to show to the review panel your community ties and your success with rehabilitation.

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