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Orders of Protection

Skilled Trial Lawyers Helping You Understand Order Of Protection’s

An order of protection can be confusing. If you’re accused of a crime that results in an order of protection being brought against you, then it’s important you retain an experienced NYC lawyer who get’s it. At Raiser & Kenniff, you’re being assisted by a team of highly qualified, criminal defense lawyers, who have the skill and expertise necessary to handle complicated cases that involve orders of protection.

Individuals accused of sexual assault or domestic violence may be issued orders of protection, requiring them to stay away from alleged victims. These orders are issued at arraignment, in essence telling defendants to stay away from alleged victims, their families or any witnesses.

If you’ve been accused, you need a New York attorney. The judges and prosecutors are assigned to protect the rights of the alleged victims. It’s imperative you have someone with experience on your side. Only qualified criminal defense attorneys can tackle these complicated cases.

Orders of protection are becoming a typical line of defense in the criminal justice system. New York courts issue temporary and permanent orders of protection in cases where there are accusations of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Temporary orders remain in place for a set period of time. This is usually the period that the case is pending. This means a defendant cannot engage with anyone named in the order until a trial has resulted in an acquittal or conviction, or the defendant has taken a guilty plea via plea bargain.

Permanent orders of protection have the same properties as a temporary with a significant difference. These orders are issued at sentencing when a defendant has been found guilty.

If you’ve been issued an order of protection, a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney should be your next step. It’s not just a piece of paper. Disobeying it can lead to serious consequences. On top of that, there may be options to get it removed. You won’t know until you’ve talked with a lawyer experienced in these matters.

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