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Sexual Assault

Defending Against Sex Crimes In New York City

Getting convicted of sexual assault charges can have dire consequences. For adequate defense, it’s extremely important to hire an experienced lawyer. Sex crime charges are no joke, and they need to be fought with the knowledge and experience from one of our lawyers. Accusations of sexual assault can dramatically change a person’s life. If you’re facing sexual assault charges, then you need qualified help. If you have been arrested in NYC for sexual assault, we can help. It’s important that you quickly hire our legal services. We’re available 24/7, and we have a team of lawyers that can help protect you. Being convicted of sexual assault can have damaging effects on your reputation. There are many law firms that deal with various types of criminal charges. However, we’re a firm that helps our clients fight charges that involve rape and sexual assault. Since we specialize in fighting these specific crimes, we can provide you with services that are tailored for your specific situation. Our firm is known for being aggressive and professional.

Sex Crimes We Defend Against

As attorneys in NYC, we can assist our clients with a number of different sex crimes. It’s important to understand some of the different sex crimes, and you should also know the consequences of being convicted of such crimes.

Rape Charges

If a person uses forcible compulsion to initiate sexual intercourse with another person, then it’s called rape. This type of charge is very serious, and a conviction for rape could land you in jail for 25 years. For protection against rape, you need qualified help.

Child Porn Charges

The government has been cracking down on child pornography, which means it has been inflicting harsher punishments on people who’ve been convicted of a child porn crime. By transferring a single image of child porn, an individual could be sentenced to five years in prison. Transferring multiple images of child porn could land you in jail for life.

Sexual Abuse Charges

In NYC, third-degree sexual abuse is a Class B misdemeanor. Simply put, this criminal charge involves unauthorized sexual contact with another person. If you’re convicted of this charge, you could be sentenced to three months in prison.

The Importance of Getting Help

These are just a few of the sex crimes that our NYC lawyers can help defend against. If you’re facing any type of sex crime, our lawyers can help you build the defense that you need. All sex crimes carry a certain stigma.

We understand that you don’t want to live the rest of your life with a sex crime conviction. We will do everything we can to protect you against a conviction. If you’re facing any type of sex crime, it’s imperative that you get help immediately. It’s important that you call us today.

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