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Possession / Possession with Intent

Drug Possession Charges/Consequences

Controlled substance possession is a serious legal offense in New York state as well as nationwide. The offenders can face severe punishment and are typically charged with felony or misdemeanor. Having proper legal representation will prepare the accused for the trial and will help with understanding the official language of the law. The law firm of Raiser and Kenniff, PC is composed of experienced criminal law attorneys who can successfully guide the individuals through this process.

Possible Penalties for Drug Possession in New York City

Each case profoundly depends on the evidence and the offender’s intention to produce and distribute the drugs. The punishment may carry prison time, community service, extensive counseling and heavy fees. In addition, the person’s record may be affected leading to difficulties during the rehabilitation period. These may include the following:

Obstacles when trying to secure housing
• Inability to pursue certain career paths
• Child custody loss or limitation of visiting rights
• Hardship within the community
• Public embarrassment
• Suspension of Driver’s License
• Probation
• Permanent criminal record

What Drug Possession Cases are Represented by Raiser and Kenniff, PC

Heroin – Categorized as Class A-2 offense, the possession of four ounces of the substance may lead to life imprisonment. In addition, substantial fees may follow along with inability for assimilation into the society.

Marijuana – Depending on the amount, the offender can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison. The possession of marijuana is the least punishable offenses as the drug is considered to be recreational and in some states, it is used for medicinal purposes. However, in New York City, it is still considered a crime and may be treated as misdemeanor or felony of various degrees.

Cocaine – More severe then marijuana but less serious then heroin, the possession of cocaine typically leads to felony charges. Ranked as a Class A-1 felony, it usually results in 15 years in prison time and $15,000 in fees. Permanent criminal record cannot be erased.

What is Intent to Sell

The negative impact of drug possession may affect the offender long-term. Juvenile offenders generally face different punishment then adults. Our legal strategy is specifically tailored to the needs of the accused and created to diminish or lower the present charges. Intent to sell is presented in court when the offender is arrested while in possession of drug paraphernalia along with the drugs themselves. The charges become more serious if the arrest is performed within a school zone.

What to do Next

Avoiding jail time may be possible with the legal help provided by Raiser and Kenniff, PC. We offer resources needed to confront legal prosecution and successfully combat drug possession charges. Our firm is dedicated to proper legal guidance and helping individuals to restore their lives without the use of drugs. We offer free consultation to build a solid defense program. Call us at 212-274-0090 or contact us online. We are available around the clock, and we are standing by to help you.

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