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Underage Drug Crimes

How NYC Juvenile Drug Crime Lawyers Can Help Safeguard Your Child’s Future

We have been helping families across greater New York City. A fundamental truth of parenting is that you will always do everything within your power to keep your kids safe from harm. We, at Raiser & Kenniff, PC, share that philosophy, a fact which is evident in the way we practice criminal defense law. Our overriding objective is to always provide our clients in the greater New York area with the most experienced, effective legal assistance possible. This commitment extends to every matter we handle, from those that are rather straightforward to those that are extremely complex in nature. While it is certainly true that generally speaking, juvenile offenders face penalties that are less severe than those faced by adult offenders, when drug crimes are at issue, the stakes become much higher. Individuals convicted of drug offenses as juveniles may find it difficult to gain admission to college or even secure employment in the future. Our primary objective when it comes to serving our clients is to avoid convictions. Once we have thoroughly assessed your child’s situation, our team of attorneys will discuss all of the potential outcomes and the possible courses of action that can be taken. Our lawyers believe strongly in the concept of providing clients with the tools to make informed decisions about the representation they receive.

What to Expect in the Aftermath of a New York City Arrest of a Minor for Drug Possession

A seasoned criminal defense attorney will begin by helping you understand the distinctions between the adult system and the juvenile justice framework responsible for handling criminal cases involving minors. If you have child that stands accused of a drug offense and is under the age of 16, he or she will receive the classification of juvenile delinquent. There are a number of rules and procedures that are unique to the juvenile justice system, including the fact that its cases are not decided by juries. Rather, judges make the ultimate determinations regarding the fate of your child. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to secure the assistance of talented and compassionate drug possession lawyer who has the expertise necessary to mount a vigorous defense on behalf of your son or daughter. Convictions in juvenile drug cases can result in serious consequences, including:

  • Hefty monetary fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Probation
  • Suspension of driving privileges
  • Reform school
  • Home confinement

The prevailing emphasis of juvenile justice courts is on rehabilitation, not incarceration. The juvenile system acknowledges the fact that youngsters often make serious errors in judgment. For that reason, if your child has been arrested for drug possession, whether at school or elsewhere, the court is going to do its best to find alternatives to jail.

But, there may be attenuating circumstances about your child’s case, such as a prior criminal history or particular issues relating to the severity of the offense, that may increase the likelihood of a jail sentence. Our group of experienced NYC drug crime lawyers stand ready to provide your son or daughter with an aggressive defense, regardless of the crime of which they stand accused.

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