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Personal Injury as a result of a crime

One of the most common ways people get injured, is due to conflicts, which result in criminal charges. For example, say two individuals get into a fight, and one of them gets horribly injured. One would think that this might allow for litigation under the guise of a “personal injury claim,” but that isn’t always true.

Even though someone may hurt you, and you may have legitimate medical expenses a result of the injury, that doesn’t automatically mean there is a personal injury claim to be pursued.

Personal injury claims occur when an injury is suffered by someone – and the individual who caused the injury, has an insurance policy. The insurance policy is there to compensate the victim. There are many instances where an insurance policy is in place, such as car insurance or even home insurance.

When the injury occurs as a result of a crime, such as assault and battery, most insurance companies do not cover any monetary compensation you win against the person who committed the crime.

So, in summary – even if you’re the victim of an injury through physical assault, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have a personal injury lawsuit.

About the author

This guest blog post was written by Joel Farar, founding partner of Farar & Lewis LLP, the premier Riverside personal injury lawyers, with over 30 years of experience.