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Steve Raiser Appears on Justice w/Judge Jeanine

  • November 10, 2013

On September 29, a group of bikers crossed paths with an SUV driver. The driver was with his wife, and their toddler. One of the bikers, Christopher Cruz, cut off the families Range Rover, and then proceeded to slow down before it bumped into the motorcycle’s rear tire.

Cruz and other bikers, infuriated, stopped and approached the Range Rover, who proceeded to drive off — in the process, running over biker Edin Mieses Jr. — breaking his spine and both legs.

The enraged bikers pursued Lien off the highway, and onto a street, and then attacked him when he got stuck in traffic. After the SUV’s window was broken, Lien was dragged out, and brutally beaten.

This incident sparked a legal debate, and was discussed on Justice w/Judge Jeanine, where our founding partner, Steve Raiser, was asked to weigh in.