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Thomas Kenniff, Founding Partner, Interviewed On Fox News

  • November 3, 2013

Thomas Kenniff, legal analyst, and founding partner of Raiser & Kenniff, weighed in on the recent alleged murder committed by Utah Doctor, Martin Macneill. On 10/31/2013, Thomas Kenniff appeared on FOX News, analyzing the alleged murder, and discussing the potential pitfalls the prosecution may face in convicting Dr. Macneil.

Below is an excerpt of the interview.

When analyzing the alleged murder, Thomas Kenniff had this to say, “I think they cannot prove this. The prosecution in this case has a herculean burden. In your typical murder case there usually isn’t a question that someone was murdered, or died under suspicious circumstances. Here, the states own medical examiners can’t even agree on that simple point. So in other words, the prosecution doesn’t have to prove simply the defendant committed the murder, but first they have to prove this was a murder. None of the medical examiners, I believe there are three different medical examiners who have conducted autopsies, can agree there was a murder, they can’t agree that it was a lethal dose of medication, they can’t agree it was poisoning. So, first what is the cause of death? Was it accidental or intentional? Even if it was intentional, then you have to prove the defendant was responsible for it.”


About Thomas Kenniff, Founding Partner at Raiser & Kenniff, PC

In addition to being a founding partner, Thomas Kenniff is a renowned legal analyst. When the media needs an expert on criminal cases, they call on Thomas Kenniff – an Army Veteran, Former Assistant D.A., and New York’s Chief of Military Justice. Thomas has gained recognition for the high profile, international, cases he’s handled. He’s been featured in the NY Post, Newsday, USA Today, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.