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Two Conspiracy Theories that can be Debunked Easily

  • December 4, 2013

Are you one of those people who like to learn or hear about conspiracy theories? For some, these kinds of theories bring discomfort that makes them feel uneasy. But there are many major events in history that are attached with a conspiracy theory, whether you have heard about it or not– most of which are only known to those who will believe anything with given facts.

There are theories of conspiracies that are based on some embarrassing misunderstanding. Some of theme are as follows:

The Famous Moon Landing: A Hoax?

This is probably the most popular theory that has gotten much attention from the public. Some say that the photograph that was taken during the said event was fake. Theory was that it was filmed in a studio on Earth by the Americans because the US government at that time was terrified of being perceived as failures compared to the Russians.

But with careful studies, researchers have pointed out relevant points that support the authenticity of the photographs of the moon landing. For instance, some say that the rippled flag makes the whole thing fake. In fact, the rippled flag is stationary designed by NASA to extend outward so it could hang straight because there is no wind on the moon.

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

Every famous celebrity’s death is often attached with conspiracy theories. One of this is Kurt Cobain’s. According to the famous theory, Cobain did not commit suicide, but was actually murdered by Courtney Love, his wife.

The theorists who have studied the suicide letter of Cobain said that it was partially forged, looking like they are written by two different people. There is also this fact that he was high on heroin when he killed himself.

The Fact: It is quite true that the last part of the suicide note looks like it was written by another person. But then, the truth is that it would make more sense if it was written by Kurt Cobain while he was really high on heroin.