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When Should I Consider Getting a Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • March 3, 2014

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is always a good idea, if you’re ever accused of a crime. Hiring one, isn’t necessarily always the most viable option, though, depending on your financial situation. We’ve written this article, to help you understand why hiring a lawyer is important, and when you should hire one.

If you’re facing criminal charges, no matter how minor, you can always benefit from talking to a criminal defense attorney. Even if you decide not to hire the attorney to represent you in court, a consultation with him, or her, can help you better understand the charges against you, the defenses available, and the plea bargains that might be offered.

First and foremost, it’s the job of the prosecutor, to get a conviction. When accused of a crime, the state will appoint you a criminal defense attorney, if you cannot afford one, in order to defend you. That doesn’t mean that the attorney is the most qualified, or has your best interests at heart. In many cases, you won’t really have a choice in the matter of who is assigned to you.

Depending on the severity of the crime, you may or may not, be OK with a public defender. For example, if you are a repeat offender, it may be wise to find the best criminal defense attorney possible, in order to get the appropriate legal counsel you require.

If you are charged with breaking a federal law, you will want to hire an extremely experienced defense attorney, who can dedicate a large amount of time to your case. Cases involving federal law are often more complex, and having a federal defense attorney whose extremely qualified is not just recommended – it’s mandatory! Most federal defense attorneys often have more prestigious credentials than state attorneys.